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63% of Franchisors Submitted an Item 19 in 2014
By Rob Bond, President World Franchising Network

Oakland, California, October 30, 2014 -- As the publisher of three annual books on franchising and the manager of ten websites that deal solely with franchising, I have long been fascinated with the increasingly favorable trend among franchisors to provide Financial Performance Representations (Item 19s) in their Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs). Realizing how difficult it is for the layman to secure this information, our firm has been publishing Item 19s for key franchisors in an annual publication “How Much Can I Make?” with 14 editions to date.

What is striking is the percentage of franchisors who now include an Item 19. During 2014, we analyzed 841 FDDs for franchisors big and small, and extracted 534 Item 19s, amounting to 63% of franchisors who now include this information. This compares with ~68% in 2013 (501 of 745 FDDs analyzed) and ~25% only five years ago. Although the precise underlying reasons for the marked rise in submission are unclear, it is fair to assume that there is an increasing disadvantage to those franchisors who do not include an Item 19. A secondary reason may be the fact that the economy has modestly improved, and previously reluctant franchisors are now “prouder” of their franchisees’ success than they were several years ago.

If you are researching a company and seriously thinking about becoming a franchisee, it is incumbent upon you to exhaustively review the company’s FDD (order any of over 30,000 current and archived FDDs and UFOCs at ) or, at an absolute minimum, review their Item 19 (

If the company doesn’t provide an Item 19, then order one (or more) from their closest competitors. As always, do your homework.


For Immediate Release Cited as BEST VALUE for Franchise Leads

Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States of America July 7, 2014 -- Franchise Sales Force, a National Franchise Consulting Firm, has cites the new FRANCHISE NATION NETWORK website as the "best choice" for lead generation for it's clients.

A representative from FSF stated that while other online lead sources provide us with more leads, the new and improved FRANCHISE NATION NETWORK website provides us with leads that are "actually serious about becoming a business owner". We all know the frustration with calling leads that have no idea why you are calling them. That does not happen with FRANCHISE NATION. Each lead we recieved from FRANCHISE NATION is the result of a direct inquiry. This is important to us because it does not waste the time of our recruiters by calling "less than serious" leads.

While our clients generate leads from various sources such as print, broadcast, online, etc. FRANCHISE NATION NETWORK is in our opinion what gives the best bang for your buck! We are recommending FRANCHISE NATION to all of our clients as the first choice for online marketing.


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