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Less than 10 years ago franchise representatives were busy qualifying franchise candidates by phone, one after the other. This was because direct company contact was a candidates only source of crucial investment information. Qualified candidates would simply appear and say “sell me on your investment.” Those were the days.

Then the internet found franchising. Phones in franchise offices all over the country and the world got a quieter. This was not because franchising became less attractive to investors; to the contrary, franchise interest was growing. To quote Spencer Johnson, someone had simply… “moved the cheese.”

The internet created a dramatic change in all business development, franchising included. Instant access to information created a fundamental shift in control of the data used in the franchise sales and recruiting cycle. Critical information once entirely in the control of the franchisor is now accessible on the internet for all to see. This has created a divide, what’s HOT and what’s NOT!

Less than 5 years ago, if you were one of the “HOT”, your day started off with inquiry emails overflowing with truly qualified candidates generated by company website and a small handful of franchise investor listing websites, so called “franchise portals.” Those were good times.

Instant access to information placed a greater distance between rapidly growing franchise models and everyone else. The desperation of the “NOTS“ created a real demand for more leads…and shadowing world of internet lead generation began!

Adapt or Die, Sorry But True!

Today’s franchise development process is a constant bombardment of internet inquiries from tire-kickers and dreamers. Most of this “inquiry noise” is generated by the now countless franchise portals most of which push, quantity not quality. Admittedly they can’t be faulted. All of us complain the moment lead flow falls off. What choice do portals have but to expand the criteria and funnel just about any click our way? No one is sure, but many of us can’t help but to believe that we are now sorting through “Pay-Per-Action” clicks daily rather than real red-blooded warm bodies.

Costly poor quality leads have created a serious challenge for the franchise industry. It has created a condition where a single legitimate qualified candidate is nestled amount hundreds, yes hundreds, of nothing more than digital distractions. As a result, the modern franchise development landscape is now filled with increasing marketing, workload and sales expenses.

This increasing overhead coupled that with the investor demand for instant gratification places most franchise systems in a difficult place. Respond quickly and professionally to each and every inquiry or run the risk of missing out on the one real needle in the haystack qualified candidate.

Franchise Sales Force has the solution. We have decades of experience and we know the franchise internet landscape. We know where to turn for better quality leads and the best return on investment. Better yet, our COMMISSION BASED compensation places the burden of overhead with us. We are simply a better way to do business within the new franchise landscape.

Customized Franchise Lead Management Programs

Franchise Sales Force has extensive experience in the systematic science of franchise lead management and response. We understand the nature and motivation of the media outlet and their methods of both acquiring and maintaining your business. We also understand the intentions and motivation of the inquiring candidate, know how to attract, manage, process and close well matched, quality franchise candidates for your franchise concept.

Franchise Sales Force will research your franchise segment. We then identify your franchise development goals and present you with a comprehensive franchise lead development plan that is both affordable and effective. Franchise Sales Force is equipped to either provide you guidance or directly handle your negotiations with web Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, Pay-Per-Click campaign management, Franchise Portals agreements and Print Media to advertise your franchise opportunity.


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