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Business Development Centers

Business Development Centers, an affilicate company to Franchise Sales Force offers the ideal low cost solution for companies seeking assistance with the franchise development process. The services provided with each of our franchise development options are comprehensive containing all key components of successful franchising. Our experienced consultants address every area required to develop and properly franchise within Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. We also provide assistance with all aspects of franchise marketing and recruiting processes to help ensure the successful launch and continued growth of your franchise organization.

Franchise Compliance Services

Proper franchise documents are critical to the success of your franchise. They not only affect your ability to you protect your organization from compliance challenges, they can also affect the success of your franchise recruiting. Our experienced franchise consultants and attorneys know which questions to ask to ensure that every aspect of your business is reflected in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement and other related documents.

Operations and Training Manual Development

The Operations Manual is a vital component of your franchise success. All of your proven operational procedures are documented in the manual so that each and every one of your franchisees can duplicate and consistently implement your procedures into their operation. This manual contains everything that a franchisee needs to know in order to open and operate a franchise unit. The document also includes time lines, names, numbers and addresses of any and all persons or companies' franchisees need to contact in order to open and operate a location.

An excellent operations manual makes all the difference. Clear and concise manuals, written in a hand representative of your brand, is an critical requirement of a successful franchise system. It is important to spend the necessary time to create these properly, accurately and professionally. With the cooperation and assistance of your senior operations staff BDC will construct manuals on which you can rely. These manuals will allow you to hold your franchisees to the policies and procedures that have made your business thrive.

For your franchisees, your operations manual is the how-to guide containing everything they need to know to operate their new business. Additionally, with some enforcement on your part, operations manuals ensure consistency from one franchise to another, protects your brand, profitability and good name. Simply put, operations manuals are far too important to leave to an inexperienced hand.

In Need of an Improved or Updated Franchise Disclosure Document?

If you are need of a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) or Franchise Agreement rewrite or update contact Business Development Centers (BDC) for the most cost effective and professional document development in the industry.


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